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High-end dynamic camera equipment for your action-packed shoots

Are you looking to film a fast-paced off-road chase scene or buttery smooth car beauties? Reach new heights on your production with Shift! What we do here is pretty simple. Providing pursuit cars and video equipment rentals in Nashville, TN, and beyond, we help you capture motion in its unadulterated form. Whether you’re shooting in the U.S. or somewhere in Europe, we can boost your footage and elevate the production value with thrilling camera movement.

Shift is all set to shift moto and car-to-car scenes using an arsenal of camera car and rig options. Our operators know how to capture killer footage from their first-hand experience, and they’re here to help you pull it off. Wondering what happens when our tools, production assistance, and connections with recognized directors and agencies mesh together? You get the full power of Shift behind your production – elevating it to a new level.

From the fastest pursuit vehicles to camera jib rentals in Nashville

Shooting a decent car chase scene is far from being a walk in the park. But Shift can make it a breeze with some of the best camera cranes for vehicles and high-speed video camera rentals in Nashville. Take a peek at our fleet to transform your boldest ideas and artistic vision into action:

●  Trail Boss video production car
●  Mercedes-Benz ML63 action camera car
●  Can-Am for those looking for an off-road vehicle with the Black Arm in Nashville
●  F350 insert truck
●  G7 Sprinter that blends luxury with convenience
●  ProMaster van to carry your stuff with ease  
●  3-ton box truck that satisfies any demand for a grip truck rental in Nashville

Picture this: your crew is in a specially built Nashville camera car following another vehicle or two. There’s an innovative shoot-ready 12-foot arm on the roof. The scene is in full swing, and professional drivers of the vehicles ahead floor it. But your chase car is just as fast, and you’re already behind them – totally engrossed in filming everything that happens on the road from any angle. This is what it’s like to shoot a car scene with dynamic camera equipment, like MotoCrane Ultra, in a Shift rental.

Ready to own dynamic camera movement?

It’s not just rentals and tools that you can get from us. At Shift, we also provide filming assistance and ensure that the shooting process is safe for everyone involved – your crew, actors, equipment, etc. Our operators know their way around chase scenes, putting their expertise into your unique concept.

We’ve been involved in many car-to-car projects for local and global production companies. And we’re looking forward to taking yours to the next level like we did with them.
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