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Dynamic camera equipment for rent: shift the movement of your footage

Looking to deviate from the norm and capture dynamic footage for your next video production? Ssshift.co is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge camera motion tools and highly trained in-house operators. Using only top-of-the-line dynamic camera equipment, paired with experienced operators – Ssshift.co will bring new levels of production value to every scene. Based in Nashville, TN, working worldwide – Ssshift.co is ready to “shift” perceptions on what camera movement can be.Having the Ssshift.co team at your back, you can rest easy. Bringing years of unrivaled experience, expertise, and tools to your production we come preparedto meet your every need. Filming a car to car scene? We have plenty of options for you including our MotoCrane Ultra on a ML 63 Chase Car, Trail boss camera truck or our custom insert Truck. Looking for beautiful, precise camera movement? Meet MIA, our Motorized Precision Motion Control Robot arm with up to6 meters of track. Whether you’re shooting a commercial, branded content, orcranking out that next music video, Ssshift.co has the tools necessary to elevate your production. Beyond cutting-edge tools and skilled operators – Ssshift.co can take your production even further. Through our connections with agencies, directors and more, we can provide you with the boost to keep moving you forward.

Hand-picked fleet of camera cars,

When it comes to production camera cars, we make safety our priority so clients can dedicate their focus entirely to the footage. We know every shoot has specific needs so that is why we have assembled the ultimate fleet of vehicles to fite very possible situation:

●  Z71 Trail Boss, custom built for the MotoCrane Ultra.
●  Mercedes ML-63, custom built for the MotoCrane Ultra.
●  Off road Can-AM, Custom built for The Flowcine Black Arm or the Motocrane Ultra.
●  Insert Truck with dual Mitchell Mount systems and all around access rigging     points.
●  Executive Client Sprinter Van. The ultimate, mobile video village.
●  1-Ton Promaster with custom interior shelves designed for either a camera or     grip package.  
●  3-Ton Box Truck fully kitted to fit all your G&E needs.

Choosing the right vehicle for your shoot is important but getting that high-speed,adrenaline-pumping action shot takes a little more than four wheels. To ensure the professional quality of your footage and smooth away road vibrations, you can’t miss out on the MotoCrane Ultra. Our vehicles come beefed up with this cutting-edge camera crane system for enhanced stability and easier video production. With the MotoCrane Ultra, nothing can stop you from achieving the best shot!

Let`s get the ball rolling together

If you’ve already decided to elevate your production with dynamic motion tools from Ssshift.co, there’s only one thing left to unleash the full potential of what we have to offer. A paintbrush couldn’t paint the Mona Lisa without the expert hands of Leonardo Da Vinci. A tool is just a tool without having the expert knowledge on how to use it to its fullest potential. Ssshift.co has a team of experienced operators standing at the ready to help you bring these cutting-edge tools to life.
We will be happy to help you unleash the tremendous power of your video content.Our team is ready to hone in your concept and get that content fully ready for your audience. Don’t take our word for that though; check out some of our completed projects.
Another way to see our work is to join us on Instagram. Here you can see our vehicle sand motion tools in action and get an idea of what Ssshift.co can do for you!