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The Tank
You want it? We got it. The Tank is ready to go to battle for you and your production. Need something added? Just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s on our Truck before you can say M40.
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Motorized Lift
Loaded grip truck ready for any production Not all productions require a plethora of equipment, but sometimes it’s essential to have all the gear at hand. Our grip truck rental in Nashville will provide you with everything you might need to create a top-notch video. Simplify the process of acquiring the necessary things that aim to solve various on-set tasks and streamline production. You will find numerous grip and electric elements in this car to fulfill your technical shoot needs. Top-of-the-line grip rental in Nashville Ensure smooth shoots by having everything at hand without spending your company’s monthly income on rentals. Book the grip truck in Nashville at a reasonable price. We offer the highest quality to our clients, providing the best equipment to create impeccable videos. Thus, even budget-conscious projects can greatly benefit from such a wise approach since it is very convenient. The Ssshift team is eager to provide your production with a streamlined process of having our grip truck on set. Enjoy a smooth, quick, and stress-free process with our 3-Ton Grip and Lighting package. Its large inventory contains state-of-the-art technologies, including HMI and LED. The excellent performance of our modern gear will enhance your motion picture production. Here’s a list of the items that might come in handy on the spot: -Clamps / Hardware -Flags / Nets / Overheads -Reflectors / Boards -Sandbags -Carts -Generators -Expendables -Camera Support Eliminate wasted time searching for equipment with our expertly organized grip car. Your staff members will be thankful for an opportunity to focus on playing their role instead of digging out mismatched c-stands. Moreover, your production managers will also breathe a sigh of relief as they will finally be able to invest their time in improving the quality of production.
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