Equipment Detail
F350 Insert Truck
Meet, Betty Crocker. The best chef in our arsenal. Whatever dish you’re wanting to cook up, she’s got you covered. With as many lighting access points as you could ask for, multiple Mitchell mount systems, adjustable air ride suspension, and dual auto-transfer gasoline tanks, we are sure to be on the road as long as you need to get that perfect shot in this insert vehicle rental.
Mitchell System
Air Ride
Dual Gas Tanks
Shoot versatile car-to-car footage with our F350 insert vehicle Our Betty Crocker is a feast for the eyes of a camera crew looking for a convenient and highly functional car. This truck possesses a plethora of platforms to accommodate your team and its gear. Not only does it offer lots of inner space, but it also allows for diverse camera setups. Thus, the insert car rental will provide you with a full-fledged mobile set that exceeds your expectations. Adjust the lighting and enjoy the refined video quality while filming your story with F350 Ford. Undeniable advantages of our insert truck You will love a smooth shooting process with Betty Crocker. This vehicle has a vast number of lighting access points, ensuring impeccable filming of both static and moving objects. A camera on the insert car allows for a wide variety of shooting angles due to multiple Mitchell mount systems. Here are the unsurpassed benefits of our F350 Ford: -LED lamps -Chrome pull handles -adjustable air ride suspension -dual auto-transfer gasoline tanks -cruise control -comfortable interior -climate control Opt for this vehicle if you prioritize versatility when it comes to your car-to-car production. Request rental services from Ssshift to get the best equipment at an affordable price.
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