Equipment Detail
MIA Cinema Robot
In the right corner, weighing in at 120lbs, and a max, on track horizontal movement speed of 5.5 meters per second, MIA! This precision camera motion tool is guaranteed to perfectly track your subject with both speed and accuracy. While our pursuit vehicles focus on BIG, the MIA cinema robot is key at achieving small, delicate, and highly repeatable movements at incredible speeds. Our Ssshift team trained with the cinema robotic developers at Motorized Precision in order to provide you with expert operators if needed. We’ve simplified the highly technical world of camera robotics so that you can tell us what you’re looking for and watch it come to life. Looking to film a tabletop scene featuring epic food beauty shots? The MIA cinema robot and Phantom camera match is exactly what you’re looking for!
max horizontal and vertical move
3 meters per second
Motorized Track Length
19 FT
Max Height
6.5 ft
Capture incredibly fast, smooth, and repeatable footage with our MIA motorized precision robot Each successful brand’s reputation depends not only on its impeccable product range but also on an exciting story. Video is the most efficient solution to convey a crucial message to your audience. And the best way to capture compelling and dynamic footage is with robotic cinema tools like the MIA motorized precision robot. Your target audience will be mesmerized by your content. The MIA robot’s smooth, fast, and repeatable moves will help you show your brand in a favorable light and let your potential customers know about your undeniable benefits. Let’s capture their attention! How to put our cinema robotics to good use? Perfectly suitable to capture tiny repeatable movements, this gear ensures remarkable video quality. It will easily handle the most difficult shots due to outstanding sensor synchronization. Apart from amazing MOCO, the camera maintains high accuracy that allows for flawless subject tracking. Keeping the necessary pace without losing quality is what differs this product from the rest, ensuring its outstanding performance. Enjoy clear-cut movements in both vertical and horizontal directions. Combined with great shooting speed, it will help you make epic food shots or film any other small object for a fantastic tabletop scene. Other revolutionary characteristics of our camera robotics include robust stability and a user-friendly interface. You will also be pleased with its stylish design and high operating comfort. Being a progressive solution in the shooting industry, this device requires a professional approach. We offer affordable rental prices for our MIA camera robot to established experts. Plus, the Ssshift team can also perform the MIA operation for your production!
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