Equipment Detail
Like to go fast? So do we. Our Mercedes-Benz ML63 sports a 6.3L, 503 horsepower engine and is ready to burn some rubber and track your Lamborghini (or Tesla). With a 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, the speed and acceleration of this package cannot be matched on the streets. On the roof, you’ll see our pride and joy, the Motocrane Ultra. This 12-foot arm is capable of full, 360-degree rotations in only 7.5 seconds and can tear up the streets with the ML63 at speeds up to 70mph. Open the doors and inside you’ll find our 5 person dream team and wireless interior monitoring system, allowing us to not only have our eyes on the road but every frame.
0-60 in 4s
gimbal heads
ronin 2 | MOVI PRO |MOVI XL
Seats 5
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