Equipment Detail
ML63 Pursuit Vehicle
Like to go fast? So do we. Our Mercedes-Benz ML63 pursuit vehicle sports a 6.3L, 503 horsepower engine and is ready to burn some rubber and track your Lamborghini (or Tesla). With a 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, the speed and acceleration of this camera car rig cannot be matched on the streets. On the roof, you’ll see our pride and joy, the Motocrane Ultra camera crane. This 12-foot jib arm is capable of full, 360-degree rotations in only 7.5 seconds and can tear up the streets of Nashville with the ML63 at speeds up to 70mph. Open the doors and inside you’ll find our 5 person camera car dream team and wireless interior monitoring system, allowing us to not only have our eyes on the road but every frame.
0-60 in 4s
gimbal heads
ronin 2 | MOVI PRO |MOVI XL
Seats 5
Get your engines ready with our chase car rental State-of-the-art camera motion tools are our biggest passion, and we are eager to share it with you! Using dynamic car-to-car equipment, we develop a unique approach to every client, seasoning your user experience with hi-tech solutions. If you are ready to burn some rubber, don’t hesitate to order our MotoCrane rental services. We’ll chase your Tesla or Lamborghini on our Mercedes-Benz ML63, providing your production with dynamic car-to-car shots. Valuing both tremendous quality and high velocity, our company strikes the right balance between these essential success components. You can take advantage of our pursuit crane or rely on our highly trained in-house operators. But it all starts with our ML63. Start-to-finish pursuit car rental for your production Our state-of-the-art gear has no equal in today’s market due to its stacked properties. Just look how packed our Mercedes-Benz ML63 pursuit vehicle is: -6.3L engine -503 horsepower -speed and acceleration: 0-60 in over 4 seconds -capable of shooting at 70-mph speed -5 seats -wireless interior monitoring system Moreover, you will find a top-notch MotoCrane Ultra camera crane on the roof. It can also boast about a few awe-inspiring qualities: -12-foot jib arm -elegant 360-degree rotations in just 7,5 seconds Being one of the most advanced action camera cars, Mercedes-Benz ML63 will win your heart with its ergonomic design. It is a fabulous solution for those who take their car-to-car productions seriously. This car can satisfy even the most demanding motion capture needs, no matter whether you prefer to shoot on your own or request our production services. You will enjoy comfortable seats and graceful, precise camera movements. However, our pursuit vehicle is only a tool that provides the best results when operated by experts. Entrust your adventure-fueled action shot to our production team and enjoy the epic results!
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