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Trail Boss Camera Car
The Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss chase car…This one basically speaks for itself. With a 5.3-liter V8, lifted suspension and complete 4-Wheel Drive, this all-terrain action camera car is ready to hit any trail you can throw at it. With a custom-built top frame,​ this pursuit vehicle rental is ready to support our favorite tool, The Motocrane Ultra camera crane. With ULTRA's high speed 360 degree rotations, 12’ jib arm, and 55lb payload, this dynamic duo pairs perfectly even in the roughest of terrains.
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Car-to-car filming just got easy with Trail Boss This vehicle has many names. Call it the most rugged video production car, upgraded Chevy, or formally Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT. By its nature, it’s just Trail Boss. At, we call it this way because it has everything it takes to own any terrain. Boasting a suspension lift, this 4WD camera car rental offers improved grip and control for off-road filming and chase scenes. Its 5.3-liter V8 engine is a thing of beauty that empowers it to easily traverse the bumpiest trails. One thing’s for sure: it will get you over the hump of uneven surfaces so that you can avoid vibrations and shaky shots. Trail Boss is one of our most comfortable cinema vehicles in Nashville. It’s roomy enough to seat up to five people, with plenty of space for your camera equipment in the bed. Now your crew and your tools can get to that filming location without being packed cheek by jowl. Add to all this the Ultra camera crane for vehicle use Are you still shooting car to car with a gimbal in the back of a pickup? Forget it once and for all. Our Trail Boss comes with a specially built roof frame to welcome the MotoCrane Ultra car crane system in all its glory. With this one, you owe it to yourself to capture natural-looking action shots while on the go. Ultra is all the rage for dynamic camera movement for many reasons. Couple it with our Trail Boss, and you have: -Improved stability. Drive down a bumpy road or a winding mountain trail, knowing your shots will be steady – as if you’re filming in a stationary vehicle. Ultra enhances your production with 360-degree rotations so that you can capture motion from any angle without your camera bouncing up and down. -Convenience of remote filming. Hate those shaky-cam effects with your operator sitting in the back seat? Get into Trail Boss with the Ultra camera car rig to swap hand-held shooting for smoother transitions and panning. Featuring a 12-foot arm, this crane system can be remotely controlled when on the go. -Redefined flexibility. Push the boundaries in your chase scene by renting our fully equipped Trail Boss camera car in Nashville. Its MotoCrane Ultra pairs well with everything from DJI Ronin 2 to Movi XL and Movi PRO. Plus, the system is rugged and IP65-rated not to let you down if you’re about to film off-road or in the rain. Let this duo complement your production Over the years, Trail Boss has been involved in creating a slew of music videos, movies, and commercials. Whatever scene you see in your mind, this beast is ready to take up the challenge. Especially when there’s MotoCrane Ultra mounted on it. This rental awaits you at Hit us up for more details on Trail Boss and prices. Additionally, you may want to consider other high-speed options in our fleet. Whether you’re looking to rent a car to film in Nashville or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered!
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